Lifelong renters… With some exceptions…

No question, there is an epidemic of entitlement thinking out there. It’s not limited to just the millennials, either. Too many folks wake up every day in America thinking that they deserve, are entitled to, a decent paycheck, a nice home, a new car, all of that good stuff that advertisers tell … Continue reading

Sid Dubitsky, USN

Life can be curious & funny at the same time. This is a little story about a man that I knew & liked for years here in Val Vista Lakes. One of those guys that you’d spend an hour talking with, and it seemed like 5 minutes. We had very much in common that we knew of, and even more in … Continue reading

Val Vista Lakes – Hot 5 Homes

Val Vista Lakes Hot 5 Homes Here at ValVistaLakes.NET, we love to showcase properties that really pop, and are shown in their best light. Here we have the Top 5 for the week. These are homes that have been lovingly updated, and are photographed with expertise. Val Vista Lakes is a premier lake … Continue reading